The Cathodic Protection Controller is designed for trouble free service in all environments and includes many special features which make it easy to operate and maintain in the field. Power consumption and heat generation are minimised in the CP since efficient solid state circuitry is used instead of ballast resistors typical of earlier cathodic protection units. The power circuit contains no moving parts to wear out or break down. Quality digital voltage and current meters provide output monitoring which facilitates field adjustment.

Since corrosion protection systems normally operate in remote, unattended sites, they should be protected from the common effects that make them fail such as: lightning exposure, battery damage, and short – circuits.  If the storage batteries become discharged due to cloudy days or photovoltaic system failure, the CP Unit will automatically shut down, preventing excessive discharge and protecting the battery from permanent damage and costly replacement. Our builtin circuit breaker prevents damage to the CP and other components, should the output leads become shorted to one another. To help reduce overall system cost, the CP includes adjustable current and voltage outputs. Standard photovoltaic modules can be used and the CP output adjusted to the desired level.



Features of Cathodic Protection Controller (CPC) and System:

    • 12V, 24V, 48V DC versions
    • 2 x 16 Alphanumeric Display
    • Built-in Interrupt Timer
    • Various enclosure types
    • USB with RS232 or RS485 Comms Port
    • 3 Programmable Alarm Relays
    • 3 x 4-20mA Transducer option
    • Weather Protection
    • Easy Mounting
    • Charge Controller
    • Mono-crystalline or Poly-Crystalline Solar PV, 12V, 24V (100 Watts to 320 Watts)
    • Framing Structure
    • Custom Battery Bank with 10 years Life
    • Cable & Connectors for configuration and Installation


Our CPC is part of the new generation of Cathodic Protection Controllers, featuring microprocessor control, three programmable alarm/function relays, built-in interrupt timer, and optional RS232 Port with Data Logging. we guarantee maximum quality from solar systems. PV panels undergo meticulous and detailed inspections that exceed international standards. the quality of these panels guarantees our customers decades of high performance and the security that comes with investing in a reliable product. SolarWorld quality is the best buy in the long run.

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