CTI has formed alliances with many leading companies. It is due to the complete trust and value of these companies that has helped CTI reach where it is today.

The group has spent many years developing close business relationships with these partners in an effort to provide our clients with Best of Breed solutions for their business. CTI has the ability to leverage our partner’s products to the greatest extent because we have the knowledge and experience with configuring, installing and servicing those solutions for many clients across numerous vertical markets. Other Solution Providers may have the ability to offer similar products, but they do not have CTI’s talented group of employees which truly add value to our client’s business.

Our core competence is Solar Energy, Telecommunication and Contact Center, defines new contours for the quality of solutions and services. Our professionalism emerges from the adherence to the most stringent quality controls as, for us, second best is not an option.

We have experience and expertise in the Banking, Airline, Insurance, Telecommunication, Trading & Logistics industry verticals. Our potential stands on the three major pillars of People, Technology and Processes. Our highly skilled and motivated people, our proven competence in the most modern business domains and up to date technologies, as well as our settled processes that support all our engineering activities, help us turn out innovative products and services for satisfied customers.

We incessantly monitor and evaluate our capabilities to identify new challenges and possibilities for improvement. We are also flexible enough to develop our capabilities to meet the varying and challenging needs of our customers, to ensure development and delivery of high quality products and solutions.CTI has a vast range of expertise with respect to technologies, markets and vendors. Some of these are as below;