CTI air cooled packaged water chillers (Series AWC) are a source of providing chilled water to all types of air conditioning applications like Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Multi-story building, shopping arcades, office building , hospitals pharmaceuticals, textile industry, Educational institute and industrial complex etc, as well as for process cooling. The cold water from chillers is circulated through fan coil units. Air handling units, Air Washer units, Heat exchangers or directly through machines requiring cold brine solutions for below freezing temperature required for very special process applications. The system is most suitable for air conditioning of Multi-story building with individual temperature control at different areas.

These units are special designed to operate at maximum efficiency in diverse tropical conditions, All models have multiple compressor with individual refrigerant circuit (except some models)equipped with all necessary safety and protective device for smooth, reliable and trouble free operation.

These units are manufactured in the wide range of 4HP to 240HP capacities, to meet the individual requirement. All units are complete factory assembled, internally wired, charged with operating refrigerant and operationally tested at factory, before dispatch. The work required at site is to place the units on foundations, connect it with chilled water piping along with pumps and main power supply connection with circuit breakers etc. to complete the installation work.The units are also available with reverse cycle arrangement for hot water heating in winter season.


Performance & Technical Features;
  • Highly efficient scroll or semi-hermetic (reciprocating) type compressor
  • Specially designed to operate in diverse tropical conditions, most of the models have multiple compressor with individual refrigerant circuits, equipped with necessary safety devices for smooth and reliable operations
  • Multi compressor units provided with step thermostats

Reliability Features

  • Acrylic coated aluminum fins (Optional)
  • Economic and energy efficient in operations
  • The unit is passed through rigorous ex-factory testing which guarantees smooth operations
  • The unit is equipped with current over-load protections and other electrical and mechanical safety devices.
  • Fan motors are totally enclosed weather proof type having class F insulation and IP-55 protection
  • The units are provided with micro-processor based electronic digital thermostat, intelligent programmable temperature control device.


Designed to help you create better environment now and for the future be providing increased energy efficiency, improved performance with lower sound-levels and when it comes to the refrigerant, CTI really does leaves you free to select an environmentally friendly chiller without compromising either capacity or efficiency.

Component Details;

  • Casing Materials
  • Compressor
  • Refrigerant Control
  • Electronic Digital Thermostat
  • Condensor Fan and Motor
  • Chiller Shell
  • Condensor Coil
  • Compressor Internal Protector
  • Power Monitor
  • Compressor Over-Load Relay
  • Condensor Fan Motor Over-Load Relay
  • High and Low Pressure Switches
  • Oil Protections Switch
  • Flow Switch
  • Pressure Guage
  • Acrylic Protective coating
  • Low Ambient Control
  • Micro-Processor Control
  • Capacity Head Controller
  • Hot Water Heating


HVAC Product Range & Solutions

CTI has led the industry with smart innovations, cutting-edge technology that enhances consumer ‘ lifestyles. We find solution to satisfy genuine consumer needs through products with unique, progressive features and design; products that are technologically advanced, modern in appearances and always a step ahead of the competition. CTI is convinced that a truly superior product that meets all consumer expectations can only be made by strictly adhering to very highest standards of quality. For this reason , we do not compromise on quality in anyway. Comprehensive testing and quality monitoring is a benchmark of every product, from research and development through production to customer services. Our quality control system ensures that our products are developed accordingly to defined quality standards.

  • Split Air Conditioner
  • Commercial Type ASC Series Self Contained Packaged Air-Con
  • Commercial Type ASU Series Air Cooled Split Air Con
  • Commercial Type ASU-CU(CF) Series Top Ducted Split Evaporator with Air Cooled Centrifugal Fan Condenser
  • Commercial Type AWC Series Air Cooled Water Chiller
  • Commercial Type WWC Series Water Cooled Water Chiller
  • Commercial Type AHU Series Central Station Air Handling Unit
  • LUCRE Series Precision Air Conditioner
  • Packaged Environmental unit with Evaporative Cooling & diesel Furnace Heating
  • Ducted Split Air Conditioning Unit
  • Electrical Steam Humidifier / De-Humidifier
  • Exhaust / Ventilation Fan
  • BMS Air Conditioning
  • Air Curtains
  • Filters

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