Case Study # 3 (Solar Energy)

Deployment of Solar Energy system for Community Water Supply



Approximately half of the energy of the world consumed in different pump operations, Team CTI has deployed few submersible Water pump in different area for different applications , most of them are for community water supply, below is the detail ;

Solar PV Installed 10kW (Mono Crystalline)
Soar Submersible Pump 01 unit  (Lorentz) with controller
Available Space for Solar PV enough space
Submersible Pump Wattage 10HP


Regarding benefit of this installation, below table will show you how it is beneficial for the community where previously no such facility to run pump on Solar Energy (PV) was available. Pumps operated on Utility and in load-shedding it shifted to diesel generator.

Energy Source Water Transport PV Utility & Diesel
Well Building 0 200,000 200,000
Pump & Installation 0 500,000 200,000
Additional Cost 0 110,000 50,000
PV Modules 0 1,300,000 0
Diesel Generator + Utility 0 0 250,000
TOTAL Initial Cost 0 2,110,000 700,000
Energy Required for pump & other 0 10kWh 10kWh
Tank-Truck cost per year 2,500,000 0 0
Diesel+Utility Cost per year 1,575,000 0 292,000
Maintenance 0 25,000 300,000
Operational Cost 4,200,000 25,000 100,000
1st year Cost 8,275,000 2,160,000 1,392,000
25 Years Cost 2,06,875,000 3,410,000 18,000,000
25 Years Cost in Millions (PKR) 206 Millions PKR 3 Million PKR 18 Millions PKR

Products and services our company used
Solar Panels from SolarWorld Germany and Submersible Pump of Lorentz.

Services provided by other groups or companies                      YES

Solar in Dalbadin, Solar in Quetta, Solar in Gawadar, German solar system in Quetta, Solarworld in Gawadar, Solarworld in Dalbandin