Work at CTI

The prime objective of CTI is to provide turnkey solutions of Power & Telecom for all customer requirements and specifications. At CTI we are seeking innovative and intelligent people to help us design, market, sell and support our innovative and intelligent product portfolio to a diversified evolving market. We strive to hire only the best, create an exhilarating work environment and above all else, respect each individual’s unique contributions.


CTI’s employees have been dedicated to Power and Telecom deployments for the largest part of their careers. Each has specialized into a much focused area of expertise – we have specialists, not generalists. Our subject-matter experts are involved for each project that falls into their area of expertise and can therefore quickly propagate best practices across all our clients. We designs, implement, maintain and operate the infrastructure, and provide project management for Power & Telecom. CTI offers attractive packages to employees by having best working environment.