Protect the Environment and reduce Electricity & Generator Bill by Installing Solar System at your Petrol Pump /Fuel Station

Most of our current energy needs come from power stations that use fuels like coal and oil. Our Solar Energy Solution offers those environmentally conscious consumers the ability to use clean energy solutions for all of their power solutions. Clean technology includes many power sources that are both energy efficient and renewable, offering the chance to dramatically reduce the use of natural resources and significantly reduce the amount of emissions and wastes in the environment.

Whether It is a city or rural Area , Petrol pumps are found in abundance. Due to load shedding and some other factors the cost of running petrol stations is increasing day by day. CTI integrator (pvt) Ltd has specially focussed this industry and we have successfully designed a diversified Solar energy solution which will reduce electricity+generator cost, secondly it’s ROI (return on investment) is also very attractive (1-2 years) depending on the requirement, flow and design. Since petrol pumps run 24X7 , the owners end up spending huge chunk of money on diesel, and an additional cost on generator maintenance. A 10KVA generator would consume at least 1.5 litres of diesel every hour. Now the petrol pump runs completely on solar power leading to save a hudge amount per month as NOTHING is being spent on Solar Energy .The petrol pump runs directly on solar during the day and excess electricity generated is stored in batteries to be used when the sun sets. Our team will guide you every step of the way and our knowledgeable store associates will be glad to help answer any questions you may have about your Solar energy requirement, Customer satisfaction and service quality: our top priorities. Call now if you need reliable and efficient Solar solution for your fuel station in Pakistan.