At CTI Research & Development, we are united and energized by one mission – to discover and develop innovative systems that ease all our customers, and solve the most important unmet energy needs of our time.

Research & Development is an important key element of many organizations and, when well planned and used, enables a business to generate increased wealth over a period of time. For a company like CTI , research involves investigating all the technologies that are relevant to IT & T industry. R&D has allowed CTI to develop its leading position in the industry. CTI reflects our company’s unique positioning as the centre of I.T. Innovation, providing customers with the most advanced targeting technologies and services backed by experienced professionals. Providing Alternate Energy solutions to consumer of all the level. Our targeted clients are all domestic, commercial, and industrial. With a team of professional all around country we ensure complete customer satisfaction, This level is only achieved by investing in Research & Development because we always looking forward for innovation wherever it exists. CTI is one of the best company in Pakistan which invest in R&D on renewable energy production, distribution, and use and We leverage our world-class discovery and development expertise, and operational excellence, to bring innovative, effective technologies. We always committed to develop a mechanism which can help lowering system cost and increasing performance and efficiency of system, we have collaboration with training & educational institute and Material testing institute to work closely for the win win situation.