The company’s medium form plan is to provide quality OFC products to telecommunication operators at all levels. In the present era of competition and continuing technological advancement in the field of telecommunication and Fiber Optic, CTI has hired highly qualified professionals to provide better and modern engineering services to its valuable clients. In addition to this we are actively involved in marketing of Fiber Optic products and CTI stocks following fiber optic products and accessories for Telecom Applications;
  • Optical Fiber Cables ( Burried & Aerial)
  • Optical Fiber Cable GYTA single Mode 8 core, 24 Core, 48 Core, 96 Core
  • Optical Fiber Cable armoured multimode
  • Optical Fiber Patch cords , all major connectors, all major size (1m to 100m)
  • Optical Fiber connectors, LC, SC, FC, ST (all types)
  • OFDF( complete Range) Rackmount & wallmount
  • Media Converters
  • Visual Fault Locators
  • OTDR
  • E1 Testers
  • E1 to Ethernet converter
  • 4E1 to Ethernet converter
  • 12 fiber to 12 Fast Ethernet converter
  • Power Meter / Source Meter
  • ADSL Tester
  • Splice Machines
  • Splicing Accessories
  • Cable Identification & Labeling Items
  • Fiber Cleaning Kits
  • Fiber Pigtails
  • Optical Fiber Attenuators
  • Fujikura Electrodes
  • Joint Enclosure
  • Warning Tape 0.2mm to 0.5mm (Recycle / Pure)
  • HDP Cable Duct Pipe 50mm – 57mm – 63mm (Recycle / Pure)
  • HDP Pipe with silicon coating
  • Cable Route Indicators
  • 1-8 Ways Splitters
  • 2-8 ways Splitters
  • Gpon Cabinets
  • Rack-mount Splitters
  • Couplers
  • ST Light jumpers
  • Fiber Splicing Packet, Optical Fiber Fusion Package
  • Optical Network Unit ONU Equipment
  • Industrial Ring Switch
  • 42U data Cabinet 600*1000*2000 600*600*2000

OFC Patch cord OM3

Detectable under-ground warning Tape with aluminium

Detectable Underground Warning Tape


Joint Enclosure


Splicing Machine


Optical Fiber Cable 24 Fiber






Power Meter

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