Case Study # 2 (Solar Energy)

Deployment of Solar Energy at Petrol Pump


In Pakistan Petrol pump owners and companies are deploying solar energy system rapidly, It is because ROI is very attractive in Petrol pump case. Team CTI has deployed Solar energy solution at many Petrol pumps in Pakistan. One case study is listed below.

Solar PV Installed 2750 Watts (Mono Crystalline)
Solar Hybrid Inverter 01 unit  ( Infini Plus)
Available Space for Solar PV enough space
Appliances Power Load 2600 Watts
Lead Acid Batteries 04 units (200 No Tubular)
Battery Backup Solar Day + 02Hrs
Appliances Details 2 Dispensars , Canpoy Lights, 1 PC, 2 Fans, 4 E.S, 1 LED TV


Regarding benefit of this installation, it covers load shedding and also reduces energy expenditures.

Description Value
Total System Cost Rs. 577,500
Energy Expenditures Before PV installation
LESCO Bill before Solar PV Installation 30,000 – 32,000  P.M
Generator Bill 25,000 – 30,000  P.M
Energy Expenditures After PV installation
LESCO Bill after Solar PV Installation 15,000 – 17,000 P.M Winter
20,000 – 22,000 P.M Summer
Generator Expense Nil
Saving from Solar Energy 355,000/- (p.a) or 36,000/- (p.m)



Products and services our company used
Solar Panels from SolarWorld Germany and Solar Hybrid Inverter of Voltronics Taiwan.

Services provided by other groups or companies